Team Coaching

“Coaching helps teams activate, operate and evaluate their actions against a shared vision.

Peter C. Diamond

Corporate teams are constantly evolving and changing. Executive coach and author Peter Diamond can help teams establish a healthy working norm so they can perform at the highest level with the least amount of conflict. In the past, corporate cultures were very strong and consistent. People grew up within a company and they shared a similar way of working. This made it easy to move from team to team or department to department within an organization. Today, cultures are less stable and people enter and exit teams and organizations on a regular basis. Therefore, teams have to constantly reset how they work and the goals they want to achieve.

Coaching can help teams:

Activate: Agree to goals, purpose, and culture

Operate: Establish consistent processes and procedures

Evaluate: Identify ways to measure success

Diamond Executive Coaching will design a team coaching engagement that will establish a way of working that allows for success. For all coaching engagements, Peter will work closely with the team leader to set outcomes and devise a tailored program that will meet his or her needs. He employs a number of assessments, tools and techniques to help achieve desired results.

How Long Does it Take?

Typically, team coaching occurs once a month over a three-month period but varies by individual team.

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