Association Conference Co-Chair

Elise Krikau

As the co-chair for the Association of Fundraising Professionals’ (AFP) Midwest Conference on Philanthropy, I had the pleasure of working with Peter Diamond to plan an interactive workshop about active listening. This is the first time that the AFP Chicago Chapter has offered a session like this at its annual conference and the response from our members was extremely positive.

Peter was able to utilize his experience as an executive coach and a former advertising professional to connect with a group of 80 fundraisers. He took the time to research and learn more about his audience so that his message was relevant to their profession.  When tasked with making this topic interactive, Peter didn’t flinch at the challenge. He made listening a kinesthetic activity throughout his entire presentation. He got people out of their chairs but more importantly, he got them out of their comfort zones. He truly opened their eyes and ears.

Working with Peter was a wonderful experience because he is a paradox of quiet passion. His calm demeanor has a way of commanding your attention while his knowledge of the subject matter keeps you wanting to learn more.

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