Are You Stuck In Career Gridlock?


Today, many people are struggling with stalled careers. The past three years have proven particularly difficult. Nearly everyone has been affected. National unemployment is above 8%, new job creation is low and companies are being cautious in hiring and rewarding employees. This is particularly challenging for those looking for a job, wanting to change companies or start a new career.

When times are good, we are charging forward on autopilot without much thought. We are positive and future focused. When times are bad, we suddenly feel as though we’re stuck in neutral or worse yet, reverse. We quickly become mired in negative thoughts and lose perspective and hope about the future. This can easily show up in how we present ourselves. Employers want to hire people who are positive and will bring a good attitude to work everyday.

Finding your way out of gridlock requires you to reset your internal GPS to Good – Present – Space.

Good: Focus on the positive and the good in your life. Reflect on past work experiences where you’ve been fulfilled and successful. What were you doing and how were you being to create that success? Use those situations to create a new compelling story to tell. Always (and I mean ALWAYS) talk positively about yourself, what you want, and past employers.

Present: Concentrate on the here and now and what you can impact today. Today is the only day that matters. Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to accomplish something. The more action you take today the greater chance for results. Action creates satisfaction.

Space: Clear emotional space in your life. Let go of burdens and baggage weighing you down. Emotional energy is a precious commodity. In order to make room for the good, you’ll need to let go of the bad. That may require you to forgive others as well as yourself. This should include any wrongs from previous employers. The past is history and no reflection of what you can do in the future.

Resetting your GPS shouldn’t be a solo mission. Surround yourself with people who are positive, have a good attitude and want to help. This reset takes self-discipline but will put you on a path open with new possibilities.