Career Tips

7 Tips For Overcoming Career Burnout

After fifteen or twenty years in the workforce it is not unusual to find your career stagnating. The causes include a stressful work environment, changing job requirements or simply losing interest in your profession. Consequently, you may want to investigate switching to an industry that is more exciting like marketing or advertising. This king kong […]
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Introducing My First Book, Amplify Your Career and Life: 4 Steps to Evaluate, Assess and Move Forward

Why did I write the book? I always thought my 40’s would be the time when I would enjoy the greatest career and personal rewards. In theory, I should have been at the top of my game. In reality, the opposite was occurring. At the age of 45 a series of life altering events left […]
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Career Advice Tip: Be Wary of “You Should…” Statements

How often have you heard someone dispense career advice that begins with “You should…”? This may be helpful if you are struggling with …. How to fix a broken toilet? “You should probably call a plumber, you’re not very handy.” You need ideas for your nephew’s birthday present. “You should get him a gift card […]
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