Leadership Skills

Performance With the Right Amount of Perfection

Delivering high quality work without overdosing on perfection is a tough balancing act that many business professionals struggle to maintain. This is particularly true when managing direct reports or working with peers. The bright side of striving for perfection is high standards and delivering impeccable work which is seen as a hallmark of success. The dark side […]
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Top 3 Reasons Why Leaders Prefer Working with an Executive Coach

There are many practical reasons for hiring an executive coach. According to the 10th annual Sherpa executive coaching survey, the main reason for working with a coach has shifted from addressing a specific problem to proactive leadership development. The study also confirmed that an executive coach provides the greatest value in helping leaders effectively manage […]
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5 Effective Leadership Attributes

A writer for a  professional services association recently asked me this question, “What are the core competencies of a leader today?” Answering this question can have many different layers and vary based on the industry and the needs of the organization. That being said, these five leadership and management competencies are essential for all managers […]
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