Invest In Yourself. You Are Your Most Valuable Asset.


Invest in yourself. This year I’m eschewing any (or almost any) reference to New Year’s resolution. After last year’s post, I was told that as a topic New Year’s resolutions aren’t that interesting and furthermore people never follow through on them. “Ouch” was my initial response but there is merit to the comment and I took it to heart. Twelve months later, I’m fully healed from such brutal honesty (it only stung a little). So, I want to kick off 2014 with my twist on a New Year’s resolution. A pledge for personal growth.

When I initially meet with a new client I have them complete an assessment that covers all aspects of their life: career, finance, fun/recreation, physical environment, significant other/romance, friends/family and personal growth. Not surprising, most people rate their personal growth low. With the demands of career and family high they find little time for themselves. Or said a different way, they prioritize other’s needs and wants ahead of their own. And yet without personal growth our mind, body and spirit will atrophy.

A tennis friend of mine recently said that either you’re on a quest to continually improve and develop your tennis game or you’re getting worse. There is no staying the same.

You are your most valuable asset. By not investing in yourself and your betterment you are losing personal value. Over time you will find yourself feeling depleted, bored and frustrated realizing you’ve done nothing to improve your wellbeing. Worse yet, you will be left behind as others are advancing and enriching their life.

I’m following my own advice by taking a beginning improv class at Second City. This is purely for personal growth and something I’ve wanted to do for many years. It definitely takes me out of my comfort zone and who knows maybe my writing and coaching will be laced with more spontaneity and humor.

You owe it to yourself to invest time and energy on what will make you flourish and prosper. Or better yet, something that makes you happy. You are your own best asset and the investment will pay handsome dividends.

How are you going to invest in yourself in 2014?