What Are You Good At? Know Your Currency.


As I prepared for another road trip to visit my family, I browsed the audio book section on iTunes to see what grabbed my attention. The last audio book I selected on mindfulness, Finding The Space to Lead, probably wasn’t the best choice for a four-hour car ride. Attempting to relax your mind is at odds with trying to stay alert to drive. This time, I opted for humor with a small dose of self-help. While I’m not part of the Amy Poehler fan club, I figured Yes Please  would be moderately entertaining. Truth be told I had low expectations but secretly hoping to be pleasantly surprised. And I was. Yes, Please was very enjoyable with lots of convivial stories about SNL, Parks and Recreation and her life.

She shared many tips and lessons but these three stuck with me:

  • Know your currency. What are you good at and how is it valuable to others? Don’t try and be something or someone you’re not.
  • Success takes hard work, determination and builds over time. Anything that looks easy is probably the byproduct of lots of hours practicing and learning a craft.
  • Surf life versus plant your feet. Keep yourself engaged and moving.

What are you listening to or reading?